20th January 2017


The perfect frosty weather job.

17th January 2017

Mark Gillard Gill Gill

Sad, sad news for those in the carp world and the commercial fishermen of Mudeford, in that “Gill”, Mark Gillard, has passed away. I suppose during the shared dark nights beside the carp lakes and the close company of the fishing community, we often glimpse the deeper side of our friends. Gill was very much part of his chosen environment, be it beside our lakes or at sea and he lived that part to the full. His laid back ways, dodgy beanie hat and knowing smile will be sadly missed. I'm sure I speak for all the carp community when I say our thoughts are with his family at this difficult time.

16th January 2017

I did make it down to the river today and found several members out making the most of the change in conditions. A coloured river, with mild overcast conditions, it looked spot on and it was certainly producing the goods with some amazing chub bags coming out. The chub fishing is quite simply staggering, the number and size of the fish throughout the entire length of the fishery is providing fishing to dream of. I did also get a further update on the lakes with Frank Lamb manageing five fish during a single night session last week. That included at least one thirty and a couple of twenties so it seems to have continued to fish well in my absence.

Ollie with a 6.06

Ollie Johnson with a great looking six that he landed as I walked the bank today, one of half a dozen superb looking chub. Good to see you today Ollie and thanks for the photo.

15th January 2017

Back from my travels in the West I may be but it hasn't allowed me a great deal of time to catch up with events on the fishery as yet. The shoot season is drawing to a close with the last major shoot of the season at the weekend, add a WeBS count and a Bakehouse24 bread class learning how to make sourdough bread and it left little time for the river.

21 pound common

I did get the opportunity to drive around the lake at lunchtime on Saturday, just as John Keirle was landing a common of 21 pounds. Just reward for sticking it out during the bitterly cold conditions. I'm not sure how Andy Grant his fishing partner at the weekend fared, I think bream were involved somewhere along the line!

Bread class Finer points One at home

I have to say the prospect of a day kneading dough felt a little daunting first thing this morning as we set off to our bread class at "Bakehouse24" that we both had so generously been given at Christmas. I needn't have worried as the wonders of sourdough bread includes not having to knead it into submission, thankfully its more to do with timing! I found the entire experience thoroughly enjoyable and very enlightening. Whilst we have been customers at BH24 for some time I hadn't appreciated just what goes into providing our daily bread. A big thankyou to baker Pete and his partner Jo for producing a top notch day and not an aching muscle to be found anywhere!

Sheltering Shoveler

The Shoveler were still sheltering from the cold north wind behind the islands.

13th January 2017

2.9 roach

Now this has to be a pretty good start to the New Year, Darrel Hughes with a 2.09 roach, its certainly the finest roach I've seen for a good many years. Great fish Darrel, congratulations and thanks for the photo. Lets hope we see a rise in water that brings a little extra colour and you never know what we may find. I've been over in the Welsh mountains for a week which accounts for the lack of entries but I'm back on station and looking forward to catching up with events.

4th January 2017

Hucklesbrook low water
This was taken back in November and the gravel shoal that extends below the Hucklesbrook is even more exposed now.

The Fishing Lodge
The Lodge, where we may be spending more time than we should if the water remains as low as it is now through into the salmon season.

I was up at Hucklebrook North Marsh this morning where the low water has exposed an unprecedented volume of gravel on the Hucklebrook shoal. This is the gravel that the flash floods up on the Forest, through the Latchmore area, bring down to us. If as we have experienced this winter flash floods in the forest, bringing down fresh gravel, yet the flow in the main channel is too low to scour it on into the main system this shoal grows dramatically. I'm not sure the volume of gravel the shoal comprises of, somewhere between fifteen hundred and two thousand cubic meters, in the order of three and four thousand tons of material I would estimate. If this material grasses over and becomes the new profile of the main river channel it will dramatically alter the natural regime in that area. I'm not sure whether that's good or bad for the river, we will just have to wait and see, it will be an interesting aspect of low flows to keep an eye on in the future. I noticed the other day in the press that the Forestry Commission have seen their plans to rewild the Hucklesbrook up in the forest thrown out by the National Parks planning committee. Seems an odd way to carry on when the process of rewilding is seen in such positive light in most areas of the country, I think world might even be applied there. Still, I'm sure the Latchmore area will continue in its main use as an urban playground and dog latrine.

3rd January 2017

Frosty weir pool Teasels White out

A cold, very frosty start to the day.


Seems sensible to sit in the sun whilst you await the lake to thaw.

1st January 2017

First catkins Constant companion

First catkins of the year and the anglers constant companion.